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The Lambton Larder - Cheese

This list is just an example of what we commonly stock. 

We work with some great specialist cheese suppliers who have access to a huge range of the finest British and European Cheeses, so if you cannot see what you’re looking for on this list please do ask.

To place your Christmas orders visit us at the deli or give us a ring on 01629 812540

Hard Cheeses

  • Quickes Mature Cheddar

A Superb Devon Farmhouse Cheddar with bags of flavour and just the right balance of strength and creaminess.


  • Montgomery Cheddar

An extraordinarily rich, strong, and moreish cheddar from Somerset


  • Lincolnshire Poacher Double Barrel

A dry, hard cheese, aged for over 24 months for a deep complex flavour and smooth lingering finish


  • Rutland Red

A lovely mature red Leicester with sweet and nutty notes


  • Cornish Gouda (Mature)

Aged for 8 – 10 months, a great British version of the Dutch classic


  • Black Bomber

The famous Black Bomber, tangy and strong but with a softer, creamier texture than most mature cheddars. Has been known to be addictive.

Cheese Truckles

  • Lancashire Bomb small

  • Lancashire Bomb large

A unique spherical cheese coated in black wax to resemble a bomb. Cut the top off and scoop out the rich creamy mature cheese. Something a bit different for your cheeseboard.


  • Snowdonia Cheese Company small wax coated truckles 200g:


Black Bomber – Extra mature cheddar

Bouncing Berry – Mature cheddar with cranberries

Green Thunder – Garlic and herb

Truffle Trove – Indulgent back truffles

Red Storm – Vintage red Leicester

Beechwood – wood smoked

Red Devil – Chilli and crushed pepper

Ruby Mist – port and brandy

Amber Mist - whiskey

Pickle Power – pickled onion

Natures Nectar – rum, figs, and honey

Ginger Spice – crystalised ginger


Semi-Hard and Washed Rind Cheeses


  • Cornish Yarg wrapped in nettles

Wrapped in nettles to mature and create an edible rind, this really is a beautiful cheese. Fresh and tangy under the rind, becoming almost crumbly at the centre. Mild but full of flavour. A consistent award winner!


  • Cote Hill Lindum

A washed rind cheese with an elegant and complex depth of flavour. Produced on a small scale in rural Lincolnshire. This gorgeous cheese is washed in local beer.


  • Sage Derby

The Derbyshire cheese with fresh sage running through the middle. A true classic


  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar

The classic smoky cheese, so moreish


  • Taleggio

A semi soft washed rind Italian cheese. With a pungent smell but mild and fruity flavour. Great melted.


Blue Cheeses

  • Yorkshire Blue

One of our absolute favourites in the deli. A mellow and creamy blue made with passion in Yorkshire


  • Cote Hill Blue

An indulgent soft blue. The texture of a ripe brie with lovely veins of tangy blue running through it


  • Bircher Blue

A super local cheese made just a couple of miles from the deli. This cheese is made by hand in small batches. A delicious, strong blue with complex flavours. One for the true lovers of blue cheese. A lovely local and interesting alternative to a stilton.


  • Colston Basset Stilton

The traditional blue stilton which has been made at Colston Basset Dairy for over 100 years. Tangy, sweet, and buttery.



Soft Cheeses


  • Brie de Meaux

The ultimate French brie, best eaten when ripe and oozy. With rich nutty and almost mushroomy flavours.


  • Cornish brie

A fresh silky West Country brie, milder in flavour than the Brie de Meaux


  • Tunworth

A gorgeous British answer to a Camembert, made in Hampshire. Great baked in the box.Indulgent and buttery, perfect comfort food.


  • Delice de Bourgogne

A ‘Triple Cream’ French Cheese made in Burgundy. With the flavours of a complex brie but the texture of a velvety cream cheese. A Christmas favourite.


  • Vacherin Mont d’Or 400g

Another Christmas classic, this French Alpine cheese is only available for a few months of the year as it can only be made once the cows move down to lower pastures in the winter months. The cheese comes in a wooden box and is gloriously oozy. Spoon out of the box or bake and dip like a fondue.


Goats Cheese


  • Ashlynn goat’s cheese 200g

A stunning white cheese coated in ash and with a line of ash running through the middle. Soft, velvety, and deliciously goaty.


  • Truflynn goat’s cheese

The much-loved Ashlynn but with black truffle running through. A great festive addition to your Christmas cheese board.





  • Bungay raw butter

An incredibly special butter made with unpasteurised milk. Rich indulgent and full of flavour


  • Quince for cheese

The classic quince jelly, a must for your cheese board


  • Miller’s Biscuits for Cheese, Artisan crackers made in Ashbourne:

Three Seed

Three Nut






Fig and Sultana Toasts

Best of Miller’s (Selection box)

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